b-activists: Just in time, for Obama’s education plan, Nas urges students to stay in school

photo courtesy of shoptradition.com

photo courtesy of shoptradition.com

Earlier this month, President Obama released a plan to reduce the nation’s drop out rate, which sits at a staggering 30 percent. He aims to give $900 million in grants to schools that successfully curb their drop out rate. He released the proposal with former Secretary of State, Colin Powell, who heads America’s Promise Alliance, an organization that has been working towards decreasing the dropout rate for the past decade.

And just this week, rapper, Nas, told a group of high school students that he plans on going back for his high school diploma. He said he resents dropping out in the eighth grade.

Speaking at the Boys and Girls Club of America’s annual National Keystone Conference, he addressed 900 students taking a pledge to finish his education. He said:

“The reality of it is, you need to keep educating yourself, and I wish I had stayed in school.”

Nas released his first album, Illmatic, in 1994, which has been since been regarded as a classic. Since then, he has balanced between commercial and obscure always considered a hip-hop purist. Even with his success, he’s making a point, by still feeling the need to complete his education.

March 19, 2010 by Stefani
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  • Nas is a poet! says:

    Posted: March 19, 2010 at 12:49 PM

    Nas is truly a class act!!! He is not perfect but he is a truly gifted talent and has for the most part encouraged his fans to seek knowledge!

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