b-activists: Spray it and say it for social injustice

photo courtesy of Bullfight's Cafe

photo courtesy of Bullfight's Cafe

Although we most often associate graffiti with vandalism, one artist is using urban walls as a canvas for his commentary artwork. Under the pseudonym “El Fatom De La Kalle,” (“The Street Phantom”) the artist uses graffiti as a means of political expression, promoting change through mobilizing political activism.

He stated in a recent interview with Bullfighter’s Café that he is, “committed to ‘Creativity’ (with a capital ‘C’) as a lifelong pursuit,” opposed to others who “practice mimicry jumping bandwagons and trends.” Although quite cynical, we can’t help but admire his pursuit.

El Fatom was born in a Latino neighborhood in New York, but now does his work mainly in L.A. confronting problems of our day such as AIDS, racism, domestic violence, censorship and “media alienation.” He seeks to reach our generation that he believes is “in need of a voice of representation.” This phantom graffiti-er’s full interview can been read HERE or check out El Fantom’s Myspace for video clips and pictures of his cover art that he created for Rage Against The Machine.

June 11, 2009 by rachel
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