b-side chats: A talk with “Yes on K8″ Clinton on web 2.0 stand-up and how tweets are like one-liners

photo courtesy of Kate Clinton

photo courtesy of Kate Clinton

Kate Clinton, a well known comedian and political-humorist, has taken her stand-up (now going on in Provincetown, MA) viral with her YES on K8 and CommuniKate blogs. Delivering her thoughts on everything from Bruno to Obama, this comedian/video blogger let us know why she chose to take her stand-up to the web to get her comedy and political-know-how out there.

Do you think your blogs are advancing human rights?

I do. I think that certainly in the last eight years of Bush it was a way to get different thoughts out that were not being covered by the mainstream or cable media.  I think that things have opened up considerably since Obama has been in office, but you know I think that there are other thought trends that get around that don’t get covered in the media.

Do people start talking about the political commentary on your blogs?

I think they do. I think people are getting a lot of information but they don’t really have time to analyze it so my blogs are not every hour or every half hour.  They’re more like a weekly analysis, putting together things like a synthesis. I think that gives people not only a way to think differently but also what I love about John Stewart is that he really gives you a way to look at the news.

Are you looking at other forms of technology, like Twitter?

Yes, we are. I really enjoyed doing the blogging, the video blogs. And we’re going to start Twittering in August and I really think it’s an interesting form for me because it’s really just like writing one-liners.

What are some new projects you’re working on?

I will be Twittering in August.  When I was in Salt Lake City I might have accidentally twittered a protest but I don’t know. So, I’m going to do that and I’m also doing a lot of book work.  My third book, I Told You So is out so I’ve been doing readings of that and will continue that until the fall.

On a more personal level, what’s something people would be surprised to know about you?

I’m completely un-technological. I actually am.  I have a negative force field.  I mean I’ve tried to order things online and all I get is a frozen page, that little rotating rainbow a**hole just rotating looking at me.

Catch Kate’s 2009 tour - http://kateclinton.com/kates-dates/

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