b-the change: Mallika Dutt on women and new media at Media that Matters

Photo courtesy of My Accidental Muse

Photo courtesy of My Accidental Muse

Women and girls matter!  As part of the series of discussions “Women and Girls Matter: A series of discussions” for Media that Matters, please join our president, Mallika Dutt on panel: “Throwing Open the House: What’s Next for Women and Girls in Film and New Media?” They will evaluate the shifting landscape and explore solutions to breaking down more barriers for women and girls in filmmaking.

Here’s more info for Saturday, October 29th from 2-3:30!

Even as women have continued to make significant headway in other industries, the film business has remained a heavily male-dominated shop. Despite this reality, women filmmakers have not only persevered, but in recent years have been the driving force behind some of the industry’s most powerful feature and documentary films.
In what ways can female leadership impact gender norms in the film industry?  How are the values that women bring to the table informing not only what media we create but how we create it?  What can gatekeepers do to open doors and bring more women into the circle? What are the steps to engaging the interest and cultivating the talents of the next generation of girls?

Here’s full panel:
Beth Davenport, Women’s Institute Online Program Manager, Omega Institute for Holistic Studies; Director: Pushing The Elephant
Mallika Dutt, President & CEO, Breakthrough
Aina Abiodun, Film Futurist; Founder, Aina Media, Inc.
Moderator: Teresa Basilio, Director of Media In Action, Global Action Project

Hope to see you there!

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