because we found it: Fat discrimination in health care professionals


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There is a long list of health risks involved with being overweight, but apparently prejudice can be added to it.

According to a article, women who are overweight can suffer a number of preventable health problems because of what they term as “fat discrimination.” That is—when seeking out treatment, overweight women are more likely to experience difficulties. These difficulties include:

1) Harder time getting health insurance or have to pay higher premiums

2) Higher risk of being misdiagnosed or receiving inaccurate dosages of drugs

3) Less likely to find a fertility doctor who will help you get pregnant

4) Less likely to have cancer detected early and get effective treatment for it

All these can be attributed to a prejudice that exists in health care professionals against the extra weight. A Yale study found this could happen in women who are as little as 13 pounds overweight.

There is nothing nice about discrimination, any way you look at it.  Find ways to feel positive about yourself at sites like, Women’s Health.

January 22, 2010 by Stefani
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