because we found it: TODAY – Hillary Clinton honors courageous women at 3:00 p.m EST


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Today at 3:00 p.m. EST at the Department of State, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will honor International Women’s Day (March 8) by hosting the annual International Women of Courage Awards. The award acknowledges emerging women leaders who have made great strides in advancing women’s rights and raising awareness about the injustices that women face each day around the world.  The award recipients were chosen from ten different cities each experiencing widespread injustices and human rights violations.

According to Melanne Verveer, the State Department’s first ever Ambassador at Large for Global Women’s Issues, “These ten women have overcome personal adversity, threats, arrest, and assault to dedicate themselves to activism for human rights. From striving to give more voice to politically underrepresented women in Afghanistan to documenting human rights abuses in Zimbabwe, these heroic individuals have made it their life’s work to increase freedom and equality in the world.”

One of the awardees is Executive Director of the Zimbabwe Peace Project, Jestina Mukoko. Mukoko has worked tirelessly to record the pervasive human rights violations in Zimbabwe in order to be able to effectively reveal them to the international community. In an exclusive interview, Mukoko says that “at some stage in the future people will be called to account for their actions. The victims and the perpetrators will have an opportunity to deal with it in their conscience.” Mukoko is working to make sure this day does indeed arrive.

Other recipients include Shukria Asil from Afghanistan, Colonel Shafiqa Quraishi from Afghanistan, Androula Henriques from Cyprus, Sonia Pierre from the Dominican Republic, Shadi Sadr from Iran, Ann Njogu from Kenya, Dr. Lee Ae-ran from the Republic of Korea, Jansila Majeed from Sri Lanka, and Sister Marie Claude Naddaf from Syria.

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