culture shockers: What is The Learning Channel thinking?

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The Sarah Palin phenomenon is far from over. The Learning Channel (TLC) just announced they will show her eight-episode travelogue, Alaska, paying the former Governor $250,000 an episode, $2 million in total.

The reality-show is not supposed to be politically charged, but rather gives audiences the chance to learn about the beautiful Alaska from one of its most dedicated citizens. Right.

The past few weeks, Palin has been leading the Tea Party movement by inciting violence. Violence that has been carried out against Rules Committee Chairman Louise Slaughter, who had a brick thrown through her window, Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver who was spat on, and Rep. John Lewis who was called a “n—–” by protesters. This is just the tip of the iceberg when you count the threats and other acts of vandalism. When the Tea Party has come under fire for this, instead of condemning them, Palin claimed they are being hyped up the “liberal media” to further the Democratic agenda.

She’s tweeted to those working against the Health care bill, “Don’t retreat—instead RELOAD!” She also posted a list of Democrats she will target for the November elections along with a map that furthers the gun imagery.

Urging supporters to reload and compiling hit lists is encouraging aggression. She can scream metaphor all she wants, but the results of such colorful language have not been symbolic.

Now TLC thinks that this is the woman its audience needs to learn more about? This is more propaganda to trick people into thinking she is a harmless symbol of the family-oriented, American woman—and not the violence-inciting politician she really is.

The only thing The Learning Channel is teaching is that acts of hate and violence are “ay-ok.”

March 29, 2010 by Stefani
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