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culture shockers: Are we in “The Age of Stupid?” It did practically take Al Gore for us to listen

We knew that the climate wasn’t doing so well YEARS ago right? But why didn’t we listen? Did we really need Al Gore to make a movie for us to turn off our AC’s when we’re not even home? Did we really need “green” to become sexy as little reusable totes for us to take [...]

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b-the change: Breakthrough staff and more say why the DWN conference for immigration reform will be fabulous, down and dirty and engaging

Where are you going to be on September 24-26? How about the DWN conference in D.C. where people will be connecting and sharing to ensure that immigration reform is heard now. Check out this “fabulous” video by Breakthrough friend and DWN member Will Coley, with quotes from Breakthrough’s Madhuri Mohindar, Heidi Boisvert, (myself) Crissy Spivey, [...]

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b-activists: Find out what makes Lo from “The Hills,” Federer, Serena and Wynonna Judd feel good

We all like a little celebrity gossip. That’s why blogs like Perez Hilton became so popular. But, what’s even better is to know that people that can get so many hits and clicks at the mention of their name are using that to their advantage for good. On site, Look to the Stars, find what [...]

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because we found it: Reading Rainbow ends today so we remember some favorite clips

We just were shocked and horrified to learn that Reading Rainbow, one of our favorite shows of all time ends today. This show (along with our favorite host Levar), that merged TV with reading, taught us that we could do anything, or be anything if we escaped with a book. Why, why must all good [...]

August 28, 2009 by crissy spivey | Tags: , , , , , | Comments Off

culture shockers: Is this Ex-Klan member’s story heartwarming or disturbing?

Now, this is a fascinating story to watch. And normally, we wouldn’t go around listening to the KKK’s wah-hooey. But watching this can leave one with mixed emotions like say, uncomfortable, even with the outcome. Thoughts?

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b-activists: Hey Hey, they say it’s your birthday… so give the gift of water

Who says that birthdays are for getting not giving? Charity Water wants you September babes to ask for your age in dollars and donate that amount to their September water campaign.  We’ve written about them before and in case you don’t remember, they bring clean drinking water to developing countries. Here’s their creative water/birthday pitch: [...]

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b-activists: Best of the web on Senator Edward Kennedy

We all know how important Senator Edward Kennedy was for the immigration movement, women’s rights and human rights overall.  That’s clear from the many videos, quotes, and photos that keep pouring out. Here’s the best of what we found, but if you know of others, (which there are plenty good ones) list them in the [...]

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our daily chirp: @TechSoup: Firefox plugin makes translation of your website instant (no Rosetta Stone needed)

See Twitter post: @TechSoup: Worldwide Lexicon and Volunteer Translation Basically, it’s a translation plugin for Firefox.  Now, we’re a global org- we’re in the U.S. and India, which have a bunch of languages, but people use our content around the globe and we’re unable to translate as much as we’d like.  Using the tools, [...]

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culture shocker: What do you think of Chris Brown’s sentence?

Because of our work on women’s rights we’ve been following the Chris Brown/Rihanna case pretty closely. We covered it a bit ago on b-listed, and so did our Bell Bajao site in India that calls for men and boys to take a stand against domestic violence. In the latest news, CB was sentenced yesterday. And [...]

August 26, 2009 by crissy spivey | Tags: , , , , | Comments Off

b-activists: The passing of an immigrant rights advocate, Senator Edward Kennedy

Breakthrough is very sad at the passing of Senator Edward Kennedy. As a new staff person at Breakthrough three years ago, I was sent down to D.C. to cover an immigrant rights rally on the hill. Ted Kennedy was the guest speaker that day. I was extremely excited to see him in person for the [...]

August 26, 2009 by crissy spivey | Tags: , , | 3 Comments »

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