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because we found it: Tonight! PBS airs stirring documentary about aftermath of Congo conflict

TONIGHT! Independent Lens, the documentary series on PBS, will present the broadcast premiere of a powerful new film called Pushing the Elephant. Directed by Beth Davenport and Elizabeth Mandel, the film follows the life of Rose Mapendo many years after the civil war that engulfed the Democratic Republic of Congo. The summary of the film [...]

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breakthrough beat: Media meets technology meets democracy – Breakthrough at largest media conference!

Great news! Breakthrough will be at this year’s National Conference for Media Reform (NCMR)! Our very own Multimedia Manager, Crissy Spivey, will be giving a presentation at the largest conference dedicated to media, democracy and technology in the panel titled- Pop Culture Warriors: How Online Fan Communities Are Organizing to Save the World. The NCMR, [...]

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culture shockers: It shouldn’t take a tragedy to bring people out of the shadows

From our Restore Fairness blog: In the early hours of March 12, a bus ferrying passengers from the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut met with a horrific accident on the I-95 expressway in the Bronx, en route to Chinatown in Manhattan. The crash killed 15 of the passengers onboard, and the driver was later accused of being [...]

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because we found it: TODAY! The ‘It Gets Better Project’ book for LGBT youth launches

Today, the ‘It Gets Better Project’ is officially launching their book It Gets Better: Coming Out, Overcoming Bullying, and Creating a Life Worth Living.   The org, started by Dan Savage and partner Terry Miller, was in response to the spate of suicides in 2010 by gay teens who were facing continued harassment.  According to the [...]

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b-the change: This just in from the Irish gov’t – NYC, make St. Patrick’s Day inclusive

On this, the 250th St. Patrick’s Day in the United States, we look at the symbolism of the holiday and its tremendous significance in current debates around immigration and civil rights in America. While the inclusiveness of the parade has come a long way since it first started, this year the New York City parade [...]

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because we found it: Your thinking is correct, study shows using new media to engage youth works

Believe it or not, there are STILL some skeptics out there that doubt the success and importance of using social media to further a cause.  Yes, they exist.  We didn’t believe it either!  Some have argued that online activism often leads to citizens aligning with groups or communities of like-minded individuals, what is called the [...]

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guide to: 10 out-of-the-box ways to contribute to relief efforts in Japan

The devastating magnitude 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that rocked Japan on March 11 has left the country and its people in dire need of the world’s help. As the search and rescue efforts yield little results, and some of the country’s nuclear power plants are at serious risk of meltdown, governments and institutions across [...]

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b-side chat: I AM THIS LAND interview with contest runner up Genevieve Lin on multi-racial identity

Breakthrough’s I AM THIS LAND contest called on people to make a video on diversity to celebrate our differences.  We spoke to the first runner up, Genevieve Lin, who made the video What Are You? that teaches us to “see that diversity is not about having cookie-cutter identities.” b-listed: Tell us about yourself?/ Your video [...]

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breakthrough beat: US Ambassador to India joins Bell Bajao in ringing the bell loud and clear for Int’l Womens Day

Happy 100th annual International Women’s Day! As part of our call to men and boys and communities all over the world to take a stand against domestic violence, Breakthrough welcomed the US Ambassador to India, Timothy Roemer, to “ring the bell” with us at our Bell Bajao van in New Delhi. We hope that he [...]

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breakthrough beat: The winner of the I AM THIS LAND contest is…

(DRUMROLL PLEASE…) The judges have spoken! We’re pleased to announce that the winner for the I AM THIS LAND contest on diversity is Role Call! Role Call was created by a team of students and alumni from Flushing International High School (FIHS) in Queens, New York under the supervision of FIHS Media Arts Teacher, Dillon [...]

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