End of summer playlist: I AM THIS LAND diversity contest honorable mentions

Breakthrough is ringing out the end of the summer with our oldies but goodies. If you’re not on the beach, barbecuing, or on a blanket at the park, we hope you’re spending it with us!

Breakthrough held a video contest last December, I AM THIS LAND, calling for people to make a video on diversity using the phrase: “I AM THIS LAND.”  While there was one winner, Role Call, and four runners up, there were still a few others that pulled at our warm and fuzzy strings.

1. Diver City Rocks by Todd J. and Jeremy L.

What will the citizens of Diver City do when a wave threatens their home —- and they realize they’ve banished all those who may have the talents to save them!?

2. Many Languages, One America

Diversity is our commonality: without it this world would be culture-less, language-less and over all taste-less. Let us celebrate our differences.

3. Hungry for Diversity by Todd L.

If everything and everyone were the same, life would be a pretty mundane and tasteless experience.

4.  A Hand for Change by Beth L.

A small change in perception has the potential to change the world.

5. We are unique, and that’s what makes us special by Emily B.

Interviews with students from all over the world who attend a boarding school in the U.S. To them they are all the same, and their differences is what makes them such great friends.

September 2, 2011 by crissy spivey
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