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culture shockers: Native American identity & rights – past, present and 2049

“Nothing is as sweet as self-determination.” – Zia, a character in Breakthrough‘s America 2049. This week, in Breakthrough’s Facebook game America 2049, players continue their mission in the fictional country, Independent Pueblo Nation, that has seceded from America. Players meet Zia, the Secretary of State for the Pueblo Nation, and discover the plight of the [...]

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our daily chirp: @rezbomb-Special on DVD on film on race, poverty and more in Native American culture

Check out this twitter post from @rezbomb: Free shipping weekend on DVD of Rez Bomb Movie set on Pine Ridge Reservation w/Tamara Feldman,Trent Ford,Russell Means – Rez Bomb is a great new Native American/American Indian indie film directed by Steven Lewis Simpson that sheds light on a variety of issues that affect native reservation [...]

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