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guide to: Issues and races to watch, election day 2010

Two years after placing President Obama in the White House with a burst of national ebullience, we are greeting decision 2010 in a decidedly different national mood. Americans continue to be affected by the recession, despite it meeting its official end since the last election cycle.  Despite the economy dominating the election,  many other important [...]

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b-the change: Spread Persepolis 2.0 – Iran’s post-election uprising depicted through a graphic novel

Just four years ago, in the 2005 Iranian presidential election, only about 48% of eligible voters cast their ballots. On June 12, 85% of eligible Iranians voted and were galvanized by Hussein Moussavi who would represent political reform and change. As most of us know by now, the election results were highly controversial. Persepolis 2.0, [...]

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