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because we found it: “Moving the Mountain” remembers Tian’anmen Square through a new lens

Check this out! News of this screening came across our office this past week: In commemoration of the 1989 student-led protests in Tian’anmen Square, Link TV partnered with Amnesty International USA and Culture Project to air a television and online broadcast of the 1994 documentary Moving the Mountain. Directed by Michael Apted and produced by [...]

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breakthrough beat: For back to school, here’s a way to get extra credit (vote for us!)

It’s back to school time, and we have an assignment for you: In just three easy steps you can help us win $20,000. Please VOTE for Breakthrough’s film, Thirst for Change: Women in Karnataka stand up for their rights. It has been shortlisted for the Link TV ViewChange Film Contest. 1. Register for Link TV [...]

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