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culture shockers: Fictional ban on interracial unions and abortion in America 2049 becoming all too real today

Games, it turns out, imitate life — sometimes eerily so — just as history so often threatens to repeat itself. This week, Breakthrough‘s ongoing Facebook gaming event, America 2049, tackles two major issues that become linked within the narrative of the game: interracial unions and abortion. During gameplay, players encounter the story of Bonnie, a [...]

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b-the change: THIS SUNDAY – Celebrate interracial love and multiculturalism for Loving Day in NYC!

Come celebrate multiculturalism in every form at the 7th Annual Loving Day Flagship Celebration in NYC this Sunday, June 13 (3-7 p.m.)! Loving Day commemorates Loving v. Virginia, the landmark Supreme Court case decision which legalized interracial marriage and gave Richard and Mildred Loving the right to love each other. Back in ’58, sixteen states [...]

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b-days: Loving vs. Virginia events celebrate the legalization of interracial Lovin’

Who’s to say who you can and cannot fall in love with?

At one point U.S. marriage laws did just that. In fact, “Loving Day” was created in honor of Mildred Jeter and Richard Loving (we couldn’t have picked a better last name), a couple who went to court to fight the interracial marriage laws in Virginia in 1958 in Loving vs. Virginia. In case you don’t know, here’s their shockingly recent story and ways to celebrate the legalization:

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