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because we found it: TONIGHT – tune in to “This (Illegal) American Life” tonight

Tonight at 9pm/8c, Current TV will premiere This (Illegal) American Life, a one hour documentary about the millions of undocumented students and workers in the United States.  The show follows the lives of Ilse, an undocumented American Literature major at UCLA who crossed the border at the age of 3, and Filemon, a strawberry picker [...]

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b-the change: See “Harry Potter” AND “A Better Life”- a powerful film about undocumented family from the director of “Twilight”

We know you’ve been waiting for Harry Potter forever, but make sure you support the film A Better Life! Undocumented stories are being told.  Just recently, award-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas came out of the shadows.  For years, the Dreamers – the students actively fighting for the Dream Act – have been sharing their stories.  And now,  A Better Life is bringing [...]

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