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because we found it: Federal Judge rules racism out of Arizona’s controversial immigration law

From our Restore Fairness blog. A federal judge issued a temporary injunction on some of the toughest portions of Arizona’s anti-immigration law SB1070 including the power for police to detain anyone “suspected” of being in the country illegally. Federal Judge Susan Bolton’s ruling came hours before the law was to take effect in response to a [...]

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culture shockers: Even in NYC, there’s little help for immigrants that can’t speak English

As we debate over the laws and rights of immigrants in this country, we should understand that we will make little progress unless immigrants can receive the services they deserve to access their rights. Studies show that Manhattan still lacks enough services to help immigrants of all backgrounds apply for food stamps, subsidized medical care, [...]

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culture shocker: Write a letter to Obama and face deportation?

We covered the story about Eric Balderas, a promising Harvard sophomore on scholarship, facing deportation to Mexico, a land he called his own for only the first 4 years of his life.  The harsh immigration system continues to crack down on innocent people, like Hervé Fonkou Takoulo (at right) who hold the promise of America’s future, and [...]

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