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breakthrough beat: We’re hitting the stage – “Yo Miss! Teaching Inside the Cultural Divide!”

What are your plans for the weekend? Join Breakthrough from November 3-6th, for the play Yo Miss! Teaching Inside the Cultural Divide! at the popular Nuyorican Poets Cafe. Actor and writer Judith Sloan uses theater and music to remix stories from her extensive experience with immigrant/refugee teenagers and incarcerated youth. She interweaves their stories with [...]

November 1, 2011 by crissy spivey | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , | Comments Off

because we found it: In NYC documentary play lets you live through the fate of undocumented youth in the U.S.

How do you feel about this: 14 year old Edgar Chocoy fled Guatemala in 2002 to escape the street gang that had threatened to kill him. He completed an arduous, 3000 mile journey through desert and across three borders to reach the U.S. in the hope of finding his mother who had moved to the [...]

November 9, 2009 by ishita | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , | Comments Off

our daily chirp: @ joegerstandt- Story Circle Network: for women with stories to tell

Check our this twitter post from our friend joegerstandt: Stories and circles…both powerful RT @storytellin Story Circle Network: For Women with Stories to Tell The link takes you to the Story Circle Network, an online forum for women to share narratives about personal and social struggles using different types of mixed media. Forums like [...]

August 17, 2009 by akshay | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , | Comments Off

b-activists: Innovative festival in South Africa to address economic and political globalization

Khanya College is an independent non-governmental organization based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and their primary aim is to assist working class and poor communities to respond to the challenges posed by the very current, ever-intensifying forces of economic and political globalization. In recent years, the college has initiated a new kind of event and innovative [...]

July 10, 2009 by akshay | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , | Comments Off

b-activists: Canadian theatre group’s Tour de Green

On June 18th, a group of young cyclists started pedaling 2,000 kilometers across southern British Columbia, presenting theater performances to dozens of communities along the way. The Otesha Project is a youth-run organization that uses theater to encourage young people to create local and global change through daily consumer choices that are environmentally beneficial. Read [...]

June 22, 2009 by rachel | Tags: , , , , , | Comments Off

b-activists: Go to 7-11 before it closes shop on immigration

7-Eleven is open 24/7 right? But soon theatre co. Desipina & Company will be closing its NYC show on immigration – Seven.11 Convenience. The series includes seven short plays, eleven minutes each, set in the well-known American convenience store. Immigrant stereotypes, specifically those of convenience store employees, and the hardships of immigrant assimilation are at [...]

June 17, 2009 by katherine | Tags: , , , , , , , | Comments Off

b-activists: New play “Strangers” uses stories from real life green card couples

Have you ever wondered what getting married for a green card was really like? New play Strangers, tries to bring light to something that couples go through, so they can stay together, or so one can simply stay in the U.S. The era of dark crime dramas and postwar paranoia is a unique setting for [...]

May 7, 2009 by anisha | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , | 2 Comments »

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